Keeping things personal for a tattoo legend.

Mario Barth is the founder and chief tattoo artist of Starlight Tattoo and Mario Barth Tattoo. As an innovator and an artist, he has elevated the standards for the entire tattoo industry while creating remarkable artwork for clientele that includes Lenny Kravitz, Usher, Tommy Lee, and an ongoing list of the world’s most famous celebrities from entertainment and sports.

From positioning to logo, identity, retail design, talent management, and event production, Born & Bred has helped Mario turn his talent into an international brand. The result is a name that’s become synonymous with tattoo.

Born & Bred's job, over the past several years, has been to tell Mario’s story to artists and clients in powerful and unique ways. We have told that story through a variety of different angles and lenses, providing Mario with a newfound cultural relevance within an industry in transition.

By positioning him as a “rock-n-roll icon” and champion of tattoo culture, Mario is effectively distanced, yet still connected to his long-term strategy to establish more Mario Barth owned tattoo studios and venues within major corporate properties. 

By combining a tattoo studio with a bar and lounge, Mario’s King Ink in Las Vegas is one of a kind. It creates a retail experience that reflects tattoo culture, and a long list of celebrity guests and prominent events have created more awareness for Mario’s personal brand. Born & Bred worked directly with Mario to concept, design, and execute, while strategically aligning with the MGM Group.

Together with the History Channel and Mario, Born & Bred created “Marked,” a six-part mini-series that highlights the history and culture that have influenced the art of tattoo. 

Born & Bred also collaborated with FX’s television series, “Sons of Anarchy," to redesign the motorcycle patch logo, which we then unveiled at Mario’s Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth.

In the documentary, "Under the Skin," Born & Bred worked with Mario to bring cameras into the underground world of traditional Japanese tattooing for the very first time. The documentary received Best Documentary honors at the New York Film Festival.